We choose our heart dog Diesel, as a result of his people-loving temperament as a baby and the beautiful overall balance in his conformation, without knowing he would be a life-changing dog. Of the many French we have had, Diesel embodies everything I believe a Janice Frenchie Puppies should be. What die heart dog people call an “honest dog”, Diesel puts in a whole some of combinations to make sure he does the right thing, always. He is attentive, biddable, and easy to train in all spheres because he loves to work and is a joyful learner; he is that constant companion I can take anywhere with me and always do. In a breed often common with health problems when not carefully bred, Diesel has clear eyes, heart, hips and elbows- something for which I give thanks to the Frenchies. I so much appreciate the guidance you gave us to acquire his AKC registration. I cannot quite grasp how the years have sped by and Diesel is full grown. 5 awesome years of our loves with him. I actively treasure every moment with this once-in-a-lifetime Janice Frenchie Puppies.

Annika came into our lives that fall a the time of spiritual awakening both in plant and animal life. She is extremely sweet, smart, happy pup. Annika has been a great delight to train, so responsive and eager to please. She’s does extremely well with people, she comes to my office every day and hangs out at work with me. She is also good with kids (especially my grandchildren) and loves to play with all dogs with confirmation from us or approval. She’s spunky, full of energy and loves to hike and play, but very calm around the residential areas. I can’t say enough about the joy she has brought into our home in particular and home in  general.

The process of getting our puppy from you was a great and awesome lifetime experience. Annika was recommended to us by a friend who has had Janice Frenchie Puppies for quite a sizable period  and my son who has three Frenches. Temperament and health were the most important factors for choosing this breeder and this litter, but Annika is just plain beautiful also! We were welcomed  into their home and showed us where the puppies had been raised after we made a deposit to schedule an appointment. We got to meet Annika’s parents. They helped us pick the right puppy from this litter for us, they were all so adorable it was hard not to take all 9 home! We drove quite a distance but it was worth it as they made the whole process look very easy and time convenient. When we are ready for another Janice Frenchie, no doubt to say we will be heading back to you!

We have owned and been in correspondence with a lot of Janice Frenchie and these are by far the most relaxed, smartest and sweetest puppies we’ve ever seen and come across within this period of our lives. Our kids are head over heels in love with Figaro, even when he has them cornered and up on the couch! I have some colleagues at work that are in love with Figaro and have been inquiring about who the breeder was. We will surely push them your way. Attached are some photos of the little guy, one of our employees is a photographer on the side and has taken a liking to the little guy. We were doing a marketing email to describe how soft some of our wool products will be and at the last minute realized Figaro was a great comparison. 

Marina is my 3th Janice Frenchie, and I must say that my experience at your kennel has been far and away the best and highly recommended one. I got to meet Marina when she was just about 4 weeks of age and visited her more often until she was 8 weeks when i brought her home. She is bred from Champions that live in homes and was cared for by both warm people and well-adjusted adult Frenchie. Marina was trained to do her business on wood shavings when I picked her up and was house broken in short order. The great question of the day does not lie on getting a puppy as you can get a dog anywhere but rather, get lucky and end up with a good dog is the key point, but if you want to take the guess work out of it meet French Bulldog for a solution.

Hazel completed our family of 2 Frenchie Puppies almost five years ago. She has portrayed acts of patience from the very first day she was brought home till now so no wrong in saying she has been an excellent dog. She’s is literally in a constant state of joy and loves to sing with joy and wag her tails in conformity of anything. From her first visit to the beach at only 15 weeks we have never been able to keep her out of the water since as anything concerning water she loves. Her favorite activity is hanging by the pool with us enjoying a long swim and then sunbathing on a chaise. Unlike both of our other Frenchie Bulldog Puppies we have raised in our home she isn’t a digger or a barker, and has had no medical issues at all. She can’t catch a ball, is afraid of the vacuum, and won’t stay off the furniture as she moves there and back….but we can certainly live with that! We would and have recommended Frenchie Bulldog to anyone looking for the perfect and happy puppy.

After years of making considerable promises to our kids made an offer that only if they got along for one straight week would we get a puppy I realized that they would be in graduate school by the time our new puppy arrived! Having been raised around dogs and Frenchie Bulldog, in particular, the idea of a Frenchie was no mistake that they are without a doubt the best family dogs ever and the best breed I would prefer for our family! Finding Janice Frenchie was a funny story! A family on my son’s baseball team last fall had just gotten a Janice Frenchie Bulldog Puppies and it was the perfect time to begin the conversation with my wife about it being time for a puppy of our own and as well our choice. Well, the breeder of my son’s teammate’s puppy had no little boy puppies at the then stipulated time and we had wanted a boy mainly. Not even two days later and disappointed that our “window” may have closed, I was driving out of my driveway onto the street where about 50 yards up the road, I saw something I have not seen in a very long time the most beautiful Janice Frenchie Bulldog Puppies out for a walk with its family. I was intrigued and so I pulled to the side of the road, said hello and noted what a beautiful Frenchie Bulldog they had there and went further into explaining that our family had begun looking for a Frenchie Bulldog and just on a whim asked them if they had any recommendations for a great breeder –  Two days later the process was completed as we started negotiations that same hour was done and we had signed up for one of the pups. The excitement was overwhelming and the process was so great! The kennel home is just fantastic! The entire basement of her home is set up for the Frenchie Bulldog!

We got to meet all the puppies as well as their parents! He’s just the best with such a gentle temperament. I would bring him to every baseball game we went to where he would meet hundreds and hundreds of kids and adults to play with – all of whom would inevitably say two things: “He’s so cute” and “please tell me where you got him”. I loved telling all the families about you and a year later, I can happily report that there are now five puppies from you in our town now. If your family is looking into Frenchie Bulldog Puppies, there is simply no other person to speak to than coming here. His family is simply the best and we will forever be grateful to her for our little guy!