Initial Health Guarantee: This puppy is sold on a three-day trial basis. Within three days of pickup, delivery, or shipment to your location you may opt to have the puppy examined by your veterinarian. If dissatisfied with your puppy, and upon providing us with a written explanation from your veterinarian defining the medical condition, you may return the puppy for a replacement puppy or a full refund of the purchase price with the following stipulations. The return of the puppy is required within three days of notifying us of your intent to return.


When returned, the puppy must be in the same condition as when picked up, delivered, or shipped to your location. Any evidence of neglect will result in the forfeiture of the option to receive a replacement of the puppy or a refund of the purchase price. The purchaser of the puppy is responsible for all veterinary charges and shipping costs. The sale of this puppy is considered final if we are not contacted within the initial three day trial period.


Hereditary Orthopedic Disease: This puppy is guaranteed to be free from hip dysplasia until 60 months of age if the stipulations listed below are met. The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals) will be the sole determiner. In the case of suspected orthopedic disease, the Buyer’s veterinarian must submit the appropriate X-rays to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) at the Breeder’s expense for a final determination. Hereditary Eye Defects: This puppy is guaranteed to be free from Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Dry Eye Syndrome, Bilateral Cataracts, and Entropion. Demodectic Mange and Auto-Immune Disorders: This puppy is guaranteed to be free from hereditary auto-immune disorders leading to demodectic mange and other skin conditions. Respiratory System Defects: This puppy is guaranteed to be free from hereditary defects leading to Tracheal Collapse, Elongated Soft Palate, or Stenotic. French Bulldog Encephalitis: This puppy is guaranteed to be free from Bulldog Encephalitis. Hypothyroidism: This puppy is guaranteed to be free from a congenital hereditary thyroid disorder.

Stipulations: To be covered by our guarantee the following stipulations apply:

Failure by the owner to spay or neuter the puppy the time is six months of age voids all guarantees.

The dog must be owned by the person/persons that originally purchased it from us or someone substantially connected to the purchaser.

The dog must show no evidence of neglect, abuse, disease, fever, viral and bacterial build-up, improper nutrition, injury, or accident contributing to the non-generic hip or eye defects.

The dog must have received appropriate basic veterinary care including vaccinations and parasite control.

The dog must be kept primarily indoors in a non-smoking environment.

Procedure Requirements:
In the event of the suspected occurrence of any conditions specifically covered in this guarantee, please follow the procedural requirements below:

  • Notify us by phone or email.

  • Diagnosis of the condition must have been confirmed or made by a third party or a specialist veterinarian as described above or else by the buyer’s usual licensed veterinarian.

  • The Buyer will present to Breeder with a written description of the condition from his or her veterinarian on letterhead.

  • Breeder reserve the right to require the buyer’s veterinarian to discuss his/her findings with the veterinarian of this choice.

  • To receive a replacement puppy or refund, the buyer must provide a letter from the buyer’s veterinarian stating that.

The dog has been spayed or neutered (if over the age of six months) has received appropriate basic veterinary care such as vaccinations and parasite control is at appropriate body weight and the condition appears to have been kept in a non-smoking environment.

Fulfillment of Guarantee:
Should all stipulations and procedural requirements described above be filled the buyer may choose to either:

Return the dog to the breeder at the breeder’s expense and receive a replacement puppy of equal value.

Submit veterinary bills associated with the treatment of the medical condition for which the guarantee in invoked. The breeder will remit the full sum of expenditure directly to the treating veterinarian exclusively for the treatment of conditions covered by this guarantee. Expenses involved in the diagnoses of these conditions are NOT covered in this guarantee. If any of the above procedural requirements and /or stipulations are violated this guarantee will become null and void.