My name is Luos and this website is dedicated to the love I share for my French Bulldog Puppies! I am located in Cincinnati, Ohio and We are full time breeding only French Bulldog. We (Me and my family) love French Bulldog Puppies a lot that’s why breeding only French Bulldog puppies. We breed for quality and strive very hard to meet the AKC standard for the French Bulldog breed.

We started out with only one French Bulldog a long time ago. He was a mini fawn puppy, named peppy. He lived for 15 years. After he passed, I just had to have another French Bulldog. I fell in love with their small size and loved how easy it was to take them just about anywhere.

I got a black and white male, named Bitsy. He was only 9 wks old when I got him. Of course, after several years went by, he needed a girlfriend. So, I went to Laurens, S.C. to visit Hi-C French Bulldog. There, I bought Crystal, a blue eye female. She was very timid but charming. Bitsy fell in love with her immediately. On the way home, he gave up his dinner to her. Unknowing at the time, she was “in season”. We then figured out why Bitsy was so nice to her…lol. The two produced their first litter of pups. I kept a female out of the first litter. That is how we acquired Kissy, my brown female. The other puppy was a White and Black male that went to live with my girlfriend’s ex-husband. He has beautiful long wispy hair with streaks of black throughout. He is named “Scrappy”.

Later, Bitsy and Crystal produced a second litter, two black one brown and one white and black. When the puppies were about 5-6 weeks old, Crystal suddenly passed away and left us in shock. The vet said she had a calcium deficiency and it took her quite suddenly. She passed before morning came. Kissy actually finished raising her litter. They were already eating and almost ready to go to new homes, but Kissy put them through “finishing school” giving them their manners and such.

Well, as the story goes on, we are constantly asked if we have any puppies. People just fall in love with our French and we decided that we had to get another female as we only had Bitsy and his daughter, Kissy. We again drove to S.C. to Hi-C French Bulldog to get another female. We bought Fancy from Sandra Clark. It is so funny that it turned out to be a half-sister to Crystal. She is a black/white female. We also got Kato, a black/white male. This provided us with a few possibilities to breed some real nice puppies.

Nobody knew at the time of purchase that Fancy was just bred while at Hi-C. Sandra said she had her with a male and the possibility existed that she could be pregnant. She started to get bigger and bigger. She is a very small dog and it was very obvious that she was going to have puppies. We ended up with four puppies, two didn’t make it. We sold a white female (Sophie in the Photo Gallery) and kept a fawn spotted on a white female. She has streaks of black on her backside which are barely visible now, quite a color combination! Her name is Trixie.

There you have the story of how we got started with our Mini French Bulldog! Watch our site and when we have puppies available, we will post their pics for you to check out! Not all will be for sale, sometimes none will be sold. It really is funny when someone sees our Mini French Bulldog and makes the remark that they thought all French Bulldog were those nervous, little ankle-biting, yappy dogs! After playing with our dogs, they then wish they had one because they never knew they were such nice pets. It gives me great pleasure to show my mini pups to people and let them see how well-balanced and nice a french bulldog can actually be. It is a true statement when I say that Mini French bulldog has a reputation to be calmer than the actual size french bulldog. It is written in many books. My first French was an actual Size French Bulldog and he was snippy and didn’t like small children. He was also the ankle-biter when you went to head for the door. My Mini French have never done this and this is why I always recommend to anyone a Mini French Bulldog puppy if you can find one! But, you just can’t help to love them all, no matter what their size looks like…LOL!

Remember, there are breeders and there are “puppy mills.” A breeder is concerned with obtaining the best representative of the breed while a puppy mill is out to make money. A puppy mill does not give the love and attention to their dogs that is necessary. They usually have a large number of dogs that have never received the attention that is required to nurture a well-balanced pet. Some pose as breeders and in reality are just a mill. You can usually tell by the number of dogs that they own and how many puppies that are available at any given time. Any reputable breeder knows that it is not uncommon to not even “break-even” when raising a litter and then selling it. It is also common for a French Bulldog to need a “c-section” which is very expensive. Along with shots, dew claws removed, and many other expenses, many breeders do not actually “make money” when all is said and done. We breed for the love of the dog and hope to be able to better the standard with each breeding and to share with you the joy that we receive from our pets so that you, too, can experience the love and joy that goes with owning a Mini French Bulldog Puppy!